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For Sacramento and Elk Grove voters to have a real choice in November, they MUST vote for Jimmy

Why California’s top-two primary might disenfranchise Sacramento democratic voters in November.

(Sacramento) Sacramento has elected a Democrat for almost 90 years and will certainly do so again in fall of 2022. With the top-two primary system, if Sacramento voters want a real choice between the democratic options on their ballot, they should vote for Jimmy Fremgen for House of Representatives in the June 7 election.

“Our region is reliably democratic. Voters should vote for me in the primary to have a choice in November of which type of democrat they want to be represented by. The choice on the June ballot is between having a real election in November and letting Rep. Matsui sail to reelection without making her case to voters.”

As one of two democrats on the June 7 primary ballot for House of Representatives, Fremgen, a middle and high school teacher residing in Sacramento, needs to be in the first or second place in the election that ends Tuesday to advance. In a district that is overwhelmingly democratic and in which 47 percent of voters went for Progressive Senators Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in the presidential primary, it is clear that voters in CA-07 will ultimately choose a democrat. California’s top-two primary election system allows voters to pass candidates of the same political party through to the General Election on November 3rd.

Fremgen is facing massive name recognition and needs turnout from independent and democratic voters to carry him to the November contest. For 51 years of the 172 years since Sacramento was founded–nearly 30 percent of its existence– the city has had a Matsui in government. After his election to City Council in 1971, Robert T. Matsui went on to be elected to the House of Representatives in 1979 and was succeeded by his widow, Doris O. Matsui, in 2005. With a recognizable name and a war chest that exceeds Fremgen’s by more than 20x, Matsui is again expected to take the top place in the June contest.

If traditionally democratic voters fail to turn out or don’t cast their primary ballot for Fremgen, the election of a republican in the second spot will mean that the contest for House will essentially end in June.

For additional information or questions, Media may contact Michael Bravo at 916-796-9833 or email the campaign at

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