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Former Elijah Cummings Staffer, Jimmy Fremgen, Launches Congressional Campaign for CA-06


(Sacramento) On Tuesday, July 13, Jimmy Fremgen released the following statement on his decision to open a campaign committee for United States House of Representatives:

“When I worked as Senior Policy Advisor for the House Oversight Committee and Congressman Elijah Cummings, I learned the importance of passionate, engaged, and locally driven congressional oversight.

“During the pandemic, I lost my job and was forced to shut down my business in the same week. I joined millions of Americans and thousands of families in our region that lost economic stability overnight. My first stop for groceries became the Dollar Store simply because I didn’t know how far my budget could stretch.

“When I needed heart surgery last fall, I worried that the job I was interviewing for would cause me to lose my healthcare coverage when it was most essential. My story is not unique. Struggling families all over our community are facing similar—or worse—challenges, while Congress alternates between sitting on their hands and patting themselves on the back.

“Congressman Cummings taught me that to be an authentic public servant, you need to hear directly from the people you work for, by being present and accessible. I am running because I would like to see that model of service brought to Sacramento.

“Wealthy corporations and donors have more than enough representation in government. Working families deserve someone that will put their interests first and serve them instead.

“I will build on my experience as an investigator for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to hold corporations and government accountable. Sacramento has the second highest number of homeless families living outdoors in the nation. The disparity between working families and the wealthy, politically connected elite is staggering. I will use the power of the office to insist on reforms that will make an impact for Sacramentans instead of accumulating perks and corporate donors.

"Mr. Cummings was right, we deserve better than this, and we start today.”

Jimmy Fremgen is a former Social Studies teacher and a heart disease survivor living in Sacramento. Fremgen specialized in education equity, gun violence prevention, veterans’ issues, and worked on the House floor debate for the Iran Nuclear Agreement while serving on the staff of Congressman Elijah Cummings.

For additional information or questions, contact Nathan at 608-852-5609 or email

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