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SactoPolitico: Fremgen calls on Matsui to return Opioid contributions in interview

On Tuesday, March 29, SactoPolitico published a Question and Answer from Jimmy about several topics, including Rep. Matsui's acceptance of $125,000 in contributions from opioid companies between 2010 and 2020. In the interview Fremgen said:

"(I)t demonstrates unbelievable cynicism to take $125,000 from opioid companies at the same that the communities you are charged with representing are suing those companies for murdering your constituents. I think it is a betrayal of the people that voted for her....I don’t know how anyone can in good conscience take money from companies that have profited from the suffering of so many families while claiming to represent them."

"Imagine what $125,000 could do for an opioid diversion or mental health program in our region? How many lives could be saved? The people of this community need that kind of help much more than they need another mailer they’re only going to throw away."

- SactoPoltico, March 29


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