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Jimmy Fremgen Calls on Jack In The Box to Stop Worker Abuse in Sacramento

(Sacramento) On Wednesday, August 04, Jimmy Fremgen released the following statement after joining the workers of Jack in the Box at 4849 Madison Avenue and SEIU 1021 in a strike against illegal labor practices and wage theft:

“Jack In The Box corporate requires a ten-week training course to make sure that franchisees live up to their corporate standard, but apparently that training does not extend to worker protections,” Fremgen said. “If Jack In The Box corporate was as committed to their employees as they are to the franchisee model, they would intervene in Sacramento to make sure the essential workers representing them on the front line are receiving the breaks and pay that labor law requires. Anything less than intervention on their behalf is absolute complicity with these exploitative practices.”

Workers across the country are facing down against business owners and corporate executives as their needs continue to be ignored during the pandemic, but the workers here have been taken advantage of for much longer than that. Today I heard from one worker who in her three years as an employee at this location, has never been allowed to take a lunch break. This is not just illegal, it is inhumane. They deserve better immediately.”

Jimmy Fremgen is a former Social Studies teacher and a heart disease survivor who lives in Sacramento and is running for United States House of Representatives in CA-06. Fremgen specialized in education equity, labor policy, gun violence prevention, veterans’ issues, and worked on the House floor debate for the Iran Nuclear Agreement while serving on the staff of Congressman Elijah Cummings.

For additional information or questions, contact 530-903-6561 or email

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