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Jimmy Fremgen Graduates with Inaugural Demand a Seat Candidate Training Program


Jimmy Fremgen for Congress

January 29, 2022

CONTACT: Nathan Kiker (608) 852-5609

Sacramento Congressional Candidate Jimmy Fremgen Graduates with Inaugural Demand a Seat Candidate Training Program

Fremgen part of national candidate cohort sponsored by Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action

Sacramento, CA – On Saturday January 29, Jimmy Fremgen released the following statement following his graduation from the inaugural Demand a Seat candidate training program cohort:

“As a teacher, I’ve overheard students talking about what it is like to get shot, the violence on our streets, and fearing it in their classrooms. As a student, I grew up fearing the moment it came to my school. No child should have to grow up like that.

I’m honored to be a part of this group of gun violence survivors and gun violence prevention advocates. I am inspired by my classmates Mia Porter and Virginia Chang Kiraly, who are running for office in California and fighting against gun violence in their communities. Gun violence touches too many lives and the effort to end that epidemic gets a huge infusion of energy from this dedicated group of people.

I can’t wait to go to Congress and pick up the work I helped lead for the House Oversight Committee on eliminating gun-trafficking and straw purchasing. The American people overwhelmingly support gun violence reforms. It's time for Congress to take their hands out of the pockets of gun companies and put them to work fixing our broken gun laws.”

Jimmy Fremgen is a candidate for United States House of Representatives District CA-07. He is a teacher, local bartender, and heart disease survivor living in Sacramento. As Senior Policy Advisor to the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform he led the recruitment effort for H.R. 452, The Gun Trafficking Prevention Act of 2013. He chairs the board of The United Core Alliance, a nonprofit focused on advocating for social justice for communities affected by the war on drugs and is active in supporting community members affected by homelessness.

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