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Progressive Congressional Candidate Jimmy Fremgen Announces Fundraising Haul

October 4, 2021

Progressive Congressional Candidate Jimmy Fremgen Announces Fundraising Haul with 76 percent of donors from California

(Sacramento) On Monday, October 4th, Jimmy Fremgen announced that he raised more than $25,000 during the last fundraising period. More than 76 percent of Fremgen’s donations came from California supporters, while only 21 percent of Congresswoman Matsui’s donations came from California in the 2020 cycle. Fremgen, a first-time candidate, also had 171 individual donors in the first quarter of the campaign. Congresswoman Matsui had only 358 individual donors during the entire 2020 cycle from January 2019 until December 2020.

I am proud to be supported by teachers, nurses, service-workers, and everyday people in our community. Unlike Congresswoman Matsui, I do not take a dime of corporate money. I am honored to have the support of so many in our community that are ready to change the status-quo that only represents the wealthy and corporate interests in our congressional district.

As my late mentor Congressman Elijah Cummings taught me, working families deserve representation that will put their interests first, instead of the wealthy few.

As your representative, I will fight aggressively to address the homelessness crisis, combat climate change, healthcare equity, and curbing the harmful influence of corporate money in our politics. Congresswoman Matsui has not delivered for average Sacramentans during this pandemic and it is time for a change in leadership.

Jimmy Fremgen is a former Social Studies teacher and a heart disease survivor living in Sacramento. Fremgen specialized in education equity, gun violence prevention, veterans’ issues, and worked on the House floor debate for the Iran Nuclear Agreement while serving on the staff of Congressman Elijah Cummings.

For additional information or questions, contact Nathan at 608-852-5609 or email

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