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SactoPolitico: Can Sacramento Progressive finish Top 2 in CA-7 House race?

From SactoPoltico's coverage of the congressional top-two primary system:

He said he doesn’t believe the Sacramento Bee’s coverage of the race properly explored these fundamental differences. The Bee endorsed Matsui, while saying “Fremgen doesn’t differ dramatically with Matsui on most policy questions.”

“Are [our differences] being covered appropriately in this race? Absolutely not,”Fremgen said. “I think there is negligence at hand when you ignore the fact that [Matsui] has taken more than $100,000 in opioids money while hundreds of people have died in our district and also while the county is actively bringing litigation against those same companies.”

He also pointed to PG&E, a longtime Matsui financial supporter. Over her career, she has received $81,750 from PG&E for her main campaign account and leadership PAC. When asked about PG&E in an editorial board discussion with the Bee and Fremgen, Matsui said she didn’t know if she ever took PG&E money.

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